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Does Augmented Reality Increase Sales?

Shopify found that product pages with Augmented Reality (AR) saw 94% more conversions than those without it. Ecommerce AR software lets customers see your products in their own physical spaces before making a purchase.

ATLATL equips brands to provide their customers with a fully immersive AR shopping experience, so they can make confident purchasing decisions when interacting with your products online. Ready to take your ecommerce sales to the next level with 3D Augmented Reality? Let's make it happen.

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What is Augmented Reality Shopping?

Augmented Reality goes a step further than product images or videos by allowing customers to see how a product will look in their real-world environment.

In the highly competitive world of online retail, interactive AR technology sets your website apart from its competitors while increasing shopper confidence in your products. It brings your buyers' selections to life wherever they need it, driving more sales and fewer returns.

66% of consumers say that AR increases their confidence that they are buying the right product

ATLATL’s augmented reality capabilities are well-suited for virtually any industry, but 3D AR is especially popular within verticals like apparel/clothing, fashion accessories, furniture, and home decor.

How Does AR Product Visualization Work?

Here’s how AR visualization software integrates with eCommerce shopping platforms:

  1. 1

    Once a buyer completes the product selection or design process, a custom QR code is generated.

  2. 2

    Buyers can simply use their smartphones to scan this code, or — if already on mobile — go directly into AR mode.

  3. 3

    From there, the buyer can simply aim their phone where they wish to "place" the product and immediately begin viewing it within their physical space.

Try It Out

Open your camera app to scan the QR code below with your smartphone. This will load ATLATL's 3D sofa demo in Augmented Reality — right in your hands!

Want to take it a step further? Check out our full 3D sofa configuration demo to customize your own AR experience.

QR Code for ATLATL's Sofa Demo

Let's Talk!

Want a deeper understanding of how AR can boost your sales? Need a closer look at our software’s capabilities? No problem! Schedule a demo with our Visual Experts. We can give you a tour of the platform and show you how Augmented Reality can make incredible impacts on your buyer's journey.

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