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3 Tips for Better eCommerce Experiences

By now it is a well established fact that having an online presence is of great benefit, if not of utmost importance, for brands across industries. Even for products that are sold predominantly in store, the buyer’s journey begins with a digital touch point more often than not. Whether they discover the category or brand online, or they seek out information, buyers are looking to digital for the latest and greatest in product information. 

The majority of brands have seized this opportunity, pouring resources into allowing customers to discover and purchase online, but not all experiences have been created equal, and those that do not meet or exceed customer expectations risk being lost in the sea of options or losing out to competition who better impresses a buyer.

75% of global shoppers shop online at least once a month. Here are 3 tips for creating better ecommerce experiences so your brand can be a regular beneficiary of these shopping habits. 

3D Configurator for ecommerce, AR product visualization

Put the Power in the Buyer’s Hands 

While most consumers online like to buy, they don’t like to be sold to. Active and passive shoppers want to be able to discover, peruse, and engage with products in ways that allow them to imagine how the item will fit into their life and needs. 

The best way to give buyers the power? Create an immersive experience that gives them full access to 360 views of the product, detailed zoom capabilities, and all of the product options laid out and on display for visual exploration. 

Product visualization for eCommerce makes it possible for shoppers to drive the brand experience to fit their needs and answer their questions. Want to see what the product looks like in various colors? No problem. What does the back look like? Easy to see. How about the add ons and extra features that expand the product’s use? Let’s see how they pair and what they look like. 3D configurators on your website allow buyers to build the exact version of your product that they are looking for from the comfort of their favorite screen. 

You can further extend the experience by offering augmented reality to bring the product right to the customer before they even hit “Add to Cart”; delivering an up close and personal view of the product along with an impressive amount of the “wow” factor.

Create Buyer Confidence with Better Product Visuals 

One of the most frustrating parts of online shopping is actually finding what you are looking for, followed closely by making a purchase only to realize what was delivered does not match your expectations. 67% of online shoppers say that the quality of a product image is “very important” to product selection and purchase decision. On top of that, 63% believe that the image is more important than the product specific information text. 

product visualizer for ecommerce, product visualization platform Stop there for a minute. Nearly ⅔ of shoppers think the image is more important than the details you write about a product; therefore if they do not like the image, they are unlikely to read the text. 

Shopping online delivers an immense amount of convenience, from having the item delivered to the wider range of options that are available from a larger pool of retailers, but the price of that convenience is the inability to see, touch, and physically experience the product. 3D commerce tools such as product visualization, configuration, and augmented reality increase consumer confidence in what they are ordering online by showcasing exactly what will arrive, driving higher customer satisfaction and lower return rates. This makes for a better buying experience for the shopper and happier business owners.

Make eCommerce Fun

There is a reason it is called “retail therapy”; shopping is often a source of entertainment, and thus should be fun. This is especially true when shopping for products that contribute to a happy lifestyle. Boaters searching for their next cruiser are excited about their future time on the water, while cyclists and bikers alike can’t wait to hit the road. Looking for more indoor fun? Pinterest dreams can come to life when choosing a new sofa or dining set.

While static imagery can kick start the imagination, there is no replacement for customization and immersive experiences. Choosing the colors, textures, details, and features of a product creates an emotional connection for the buyer and drives a sense of ownership that drives an urgency for purchase. Content that requires active engagement has shown to deliver a conversion 70% of the time, compared to 36% of the time for passive experiences. That is a lot of boats, bikes, and couches.

Shopping for new additions may take a day, or may take weeks, but the experience should contribute to the enjoyment that a buyer receives from the product itself. Allowing shoppers to test, view, and imagine the wide variety of options for your products, you are extending the product experience and creating additional affinity for your brand as buyers explore their options. 

eCommerce Can Grow Your Brand 

eCommerce is expected to account for nearly 20% of all US retail sales by 2024, with the number of competitors, contributors, and internet noise makers growing alongside it. Creating a better ecommerce experience drives value for your buyers as they shop for the perfect fit and value for your brand as you gain insight into your shoppers’ needs and a reputation for delivering on them. 

Your best eCommerce experience is just a click away. Check out our demos and get in touch with one of our visual experts to see what shopping in 3D is all about.


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