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ATLATL Welcomes Joe Nicholas As Managing Director, Channel Partnerships

By Katherine Jacoby | March 24, 2021

ATLATL is excited to announce the addition of Joe Nicholas to our growing team as the Managing Director, Channel Partnerships. 

JJoe Nicholas ATLATL Partnershipsoe joins ATLATL with 20 years of retail experience and brings with him tactical insights into building successful partner relationships and programs. Having spent the last 8 years creating exceptional ecommerce and marketing platform partnerships, most recently at Emarsys (now under SAP), Joe will focus on amplifying ATLATL’s services amongst platforms, agencies, and system integrators so brands can help their customers buy better.

Drawn to ATLATL by the technology, but also the team, Joe is excited to leverage his experience in a big way for clients during a time of fundamental shifts in behavior and substantial opportunity for growth. 

With the onset of COVID-19, ecommerce became the focal point for business, accelerating the industry an estimated 5 years ahead in terms of growth. As businesses are able to reopen, signs point to a permanently increased emphasis on digital and omnichannel commerce, which means that brands across industries must make meaningful advancements in their digital customer experience, or be left behind.    


“A good customer experience is no longer a “nice to have,” it’s an expectation.  There are several ways brands can improve the buying process.  ATLATL tackles one of the most obvious head on - bringing the product to life online. Product visualization improves customer engagement, expectations, and satisfaction when the order is received.  I am truly excited to bring these solutions to market with our partners to improve their clients’ digital experiences.”

In building partner relationships, Joe hopes to be able to not only encourage increased customer engagement for clients, but to facilitate discussions and education on why visual commerce is such a valuable tool for brands in today’s dynamic market. With the focus on digital experiences, the concept of bringing products to life online is at the forefront of marketer’s minds, and at the edge of their fingertips by choosing partners who are able to turn concepts into reality.

See the official press release on PR Newswire.


ATLATL Visual is the premier solution for web based product visualization, 3D product configuration, and augmented reality. Highly rated among users for its easy implementation and cross platform integrations, ATLATL’s suite of tools and expert team delivers a streamlined process for brands and consumers alike. Product visualization and 3D visual configuration allow your customers to digitally view and engage with your products to tailor them to their unique needs, while augmented reality brings their product to life wherever they choose to shop. Elevate your customer’s experience and increase your brand’s conversion rates with ATLATL Visual. 



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