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Katherine Jacoby

December 16, 2021

QR Codes: From Old School To "Oh, Cool"

The QR code, at the most basic level a barcode used in categories ranging from automotive manufacturing to ordering food, has emerged as a late bloomer to drastically impact... Read More
December 8, 2021

Three Ways 3D & AR Are Changing Home Design

It is no secret that consumers have spent a lot of money on their homes in the last year. With real estate markets breaking records across the country and an incredible shift... Read More
December 6, 2021

How To Add Augmented Reality to Shopify

Creating the best customer experience is at the forefront of most marketers’ minds when thinking about how to compete in a crowded marketplace, and consumers have not been... Read More
November 30, 2021

How Augmented Reality Is Changing Ecommerce

Augmented reality is looking like it might be one of marketing’s top buzzwords for 2022, but don’t let the buzz dissuade you from the reality that augmented reality (AR) is... Read More
October 20, 2021

3 Reasons Why the Time is Right for AR

This post originally appeared on  AR Insider Read More
June 2, 2021

No More Cookies? How 3D Configuration Can Generate First Party Data

Google is killing off cookies, Apple has disabled app tracking, and more and more consumers are opting out of tracking of any kind. For marketers, the release of this news... Read More

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