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How Investing in 3D Visualization Will Complement e-Commerce Websites

First month of Q4 is already in the books!

2020 has been a year of extreme change, especially for those learning to market products in a way that fits pandemic conditions. E-commerce particularly surged this year as a shining solution for safely buying and selling products. If it hasn’t happened already, eComm will go from being the tool used to set oneself apart from competitors to a widespread tool most businesses will have. If you don’t believe us, according to research firm, brick-and-mortar retail sales will fall 14% in 2020 while eCommerce will jump 18%. 

But we’re not here to regurgitate facts you already know. If your business has jumped on the eComm wagon already, you’re not finished. Soon, you’ll be wondering how to set yourself apart from competitors yet again.


Our opinion: invest in a low-risk tool, that is pandemic-proof, and compliments eComm all while being fun for online consumers!

3D visualizations and configurations are the perfect tool for fun and memorable online shopping experiences that will give your business an edge over competitors.

“Why should I invest any more into eComm when what I’m doing seems like a stable solution already?”

We can answer this question by stepping back & thinking about shopping in person. A big difference between shopping online vs. in person is the immersive experience you’d get from being with the product in real life: To turn browsers into buyers, [online] shoppers must feel the same confidence they would with in-store product interactions. No matter the quality, static imagery isn’t enough to fuel purchases because it only provides a limited perspective. With 3D Visualization, your buyers can virtually interact and customize the product offerings to their specifications.”

3D won’t magically make the physical product appear in front of you, but it will let you do most things that would happen in person (via mobile device or computer), such as viewing the product from all angles, checking out close details, seeing how it looks in your home using Augmented Reality, etc. 

In simple terms: 3D boosts the online shopping experience by giving users more in-person-like control. It makes shopping more memorable, meaningful, and entertaining. Plus, it’s something we’re experts on here at ATLATL. 




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