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How It Works: Getting to 3D

You take pride in your products, and you and your customers deserve to see them as they really are when shopping online. True colors, true dimensions, the ability to highlight the features and options that make your product unique are what help create the perfect fit for a customer. While traditional photography and videography can capture these elements, they limit the customer’s online experience to the exact views and configurations that were captured on the day of the shoot. If they want the red version but only the blue was photographed, they are left imagining what the product looks like until the day it arrives, which leaves much to be desired for an excited buyer. This is where 3D visualizations can be utilized to bring your products to life in a fully immersive experience for your customers. But how do we get there?

Creating Your Works of Art 

Creating 3D experiences may seem like magic in a box, but the art team at ATLATL is dedicated to ensuring that while it looks like magic, the process is clear and streamlined from conception to launch. 


The first step is accessing your current available assets and what is still in need of development. If you already have 3D renderings of all of your projects, great! You are ahead of the game. If you are starting from scratch or a partial portfolio, not to worry, our artists are pros at translating product information into enviable 3D art. Bring what you have to your first meeting with the team, and we’ll construct a plan and timeline for capturing each element within your product portfolio to develop an experience that highlights the best your brand has to offer. Areas to consider include which products you want to build visualizers or configurations for, what product elements will be included or excluded, will you include all colors/textures/finishes, and which elements are static versus configurable. The options are endless for creating the exact experience you want to deliver to your buyers. 


The models themselves are important, but they are not the only decision to be made. We will also focus on the overall environment and experience to be created, delivering the elements and touches that are most important to your customers while they are shopping. 


Key to the process is your introduction to the Visual Platform and Portal, which grants you access to viewing the progress of your 3D models and collaborating with our team to tailor your models and experiences to your exact needs. Lighting, shadows, camera settings, and effects are just a few of the options for customization. These elements are also not locked in stone once launched; with the Visual Platform you and your team have the freedom to update products, configurations, and settings as needed. 


Building A Top to Bottom Experience

Adding 3D visualization to your site delivers an abundance of benefits, but viewing your products on page is only one part of your customer’s journey. Creating an impactful experience requires collaboration between all of the customer journey elements, as well as coordination within your tech stack. 


As part of your initial meeting, we will assess your current tech stack, as well as request information on current and/or planned partnerships to ensure that all parties are considered and prepped prior to Visual Launch. Throughout the design and launch process, we will monitor progress, test and retest, and communicate with partners to initiate a successful journey to visual. 


ATLATL Visual uses API integrations to effectively communicate with other tools in the technology stack. Everything from HTML5 to commerce platforms such as Shopify are easily integrated with Visual, ensuring that your upgraded experience does not require a complete overhaul to deliver value. 


Launch in 3,2,1…

Build the model, test it once, twice, until it’s perfect, take a breath, and launch! Your new and improved product experience is live for customers to enjoy, engage with, and convert on. As consumers move through the experience, you now have access to data regarding top performing, highest selling, and the most unique combinations that consumers create and view within the visualizer or configurator. Insights such as these are valuable assets in updating and expanding product lines and offerings, as well as determining the default presentations on your site and marketing channels. 


It may not be magic, but the results sure feel like it. Schedule time to meet the team today and see how 3D visual configuration can make magic happen with your products.

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