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How To Add Augmented Reality to Shopify

By Katherine Jacoby | December 6, 2021

Creating the best customer experience is at the forefront of most marketers’ minds when thinking about how to compete in a crowded marketplace, and consumers have not been shy in sharing that the experience during purchase plays a significant role in choosing where to buy, and to what brand they will become loyal. 

As Shopify has grown as a platform, they have become a key player in building successful commerce ecosystems. Part of that success is the ease with which merchants are able to deliver an elevated experience to shoppers.  Adding augmented reality to a Shopify site has been proven to generate improved business results for merchants across categories; and with the market becoming more crowded every day, the fight for consumer dollars calls for the best tools to do more with ecommerce

AR for Shopify

Why AR Is Good for eCommerce 

Evidence of the impact and success of AR in ecommerce has been well documented in recent months, by some of the largest brands and platforms in the world. Shopify has reported 94% higher conversions for products enabled with AR on the platform compared to those without AR. Merchants on the platform also reported triple digit lefts in revenue per visit, as well as time spent on site. 

While brands are the most visible beneficiaries of AR’s impact on ecommerce, consumers are vocal in their desire to leverage 3D and AR for their shopping needs. 61% of shoppers prefer retailers with augmented reality capabilities, and 82% of shoppers will activate a 3D experience on a product page. 

As 3D and AR become more prevalent in commerce settings, brands face the challenge of leading the market in delivering the best customer experience, or playing catch up with competitors who were early adopters. 

How To Add AR to Shopify 

Augmented reality can be used on Shopify to promote either a single configuration of a product or in tandem with a 3D configurator to allow shoppers to customize their purchase to their needs. If you are looking to add 3D configuration to your Shopify site, be sure to check out our previous article. 


Make Sure Your Theme is 3D Compatible 

There are thousands of Shopify themes available, as well as vendors who will build a custom theme to fit your needs. Whether you selected a prebuilt Shopify theme or a custom build, you will need toAR for Shopify check for 3D compatibility before you are able to add augmented reality to your Shopify site or store. ATLATL Visual is designed to work with themes without modifying the core set up of the theme, allowing merchants to seamlessly integrate AR into their existing or planned commerce experience.

Several of  Shopify’s themes have been updated to allow for 3D and AR applications, including the popular Brooklyn and Narrative themes. If your theme is built by a third party, you should be able to find accepted media types in the themes help documentation. 3D models are generally uploaded as GLB or gLTF file types.   


How To Implement Augmented Reality Without Javascript 

Using ATLATL’s Visual Component allows for users to implement 3D and augmented reality experiences on their site without using Javascript. This is particularly beneficial for users leveraging a CMS for their site. Visual Component is implemented on a site via a script tag with content pulled from ATLATL Visual using the atlatl-visual tag and the client ID. 

Models created in the ATLATL Visual platform are viewable in AR on both iOS and Android devices. Once products are implemented in the Visual platform, users are able to trigger AR experiences via native mobile generation or a QR code scanned by a mobile device. This method of launching augmented reality on a Shopify site removes the need for additional model files or extensive coding. Site managers can  enable  AR functionality and controls through provided extensions within the Visual Component. 

Updating, expanding, or altering products is also a streamlined process with ATLATL Visual, as changes made to products within the platform are pushed to the site and the associated experience extensions. 


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