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How To Create A Customized Experience At Scale

Picking a product that fits your needs off the shelf is great, but being able to customize a product to your exact desires is even better. Maybe that is why consumer interest in purchasing customized products grew 2.4x between 2015 and 2018, and has continued to grow since. 

The benefits that brands can expect from offering customization are well documented, but with that customization often comes a price tag that makes offering these improved experiences difficult, if not financially impossible, for companies. However, with technology and new expertise growing to address these needs, the opportunity to create custom experiences at scale are becoming realities for brands of all sizes. 

How Are Brands Building Better Online Experiences?

Consumers’ expectations of brands have increased dramatically in the last year, and with a growing number of options to choose from, they have increasing flexibility in changing brands if their expectations are not met. 76% of consumers say that it is easier than ever to switch brands, which means that it is up to the brands to create experiences that give their products an edge over the competition. Many have turned to tools such as personalization, customization, and enhanced digital touchpoints to drive increased customer value and confidence in the products they are purchasing. 

Research by Epsilon found that 90% of consumers find the offer of personalization appealing, and 80% of consumers are interested in doing business with a company that offers personalization. More than the drag and drop personalization made possible by CMS platforms, brands are building experiences that include tailored recommendations and product concierges responsible for finding the best products a brand can offer a specific customer, sometimes before the customer even knows that they want it. Despite an increased focus on privacy and controlling customer data, 64% of shoppers are comfortable with brands saving their purchase history if it is used to create a more personalized experience.

Brands who have implemented personalization and customization on their sites have seen the return on investment, with Adweek reporting up to 15% increases in revenue for brands leveraging these tactics. 

It is not just the addition of more personalized products and recommendations that has elevated 3d furniture configuratorthe online shopping experience; new technology has brought a new degree of interactivity and engagement to ecommerce. 3D visualization, web based product configurators, and augmented reality have empowered shoppers to explore, evaluate, and engage with products in ways that were previously reserved for physical retail. Of note, the ability to not only configure a product, but view in detail the final product that a buyer has selected, has transformed the way that many consumers expect to shop. 60% of consumers say that they want to be able to view products in 3D and augmented reality, and they are willing to pay up to 20% more for the products that include this functionality in the purchase process. 

How Are Brands Scaling Customized Experiences?

Customization tends to come at a cost, from both the buyer’s perspective and the brand’s. The good news for brands is that there are platforms and services that make creating an exceptional online experience cost and time efficient. 

Tools such as CMS platforms and customer data management have allowed brands to quickly advance their personalization efforts, helping to build more connective relationships with customers and driving more sales value with tailored product recommendations. In addition to higher sales, Adweek found that personalization can decrease customer acquisition costs by 50% - a strong indicator of  the success that brands have seen in adding personalization. Adding a CMS or data management solution to their tech stack creates automation for brands looking to take advantage of these opportunities. 



Product visualization software allows firms to create immersive 3D experiences that are easily deployed across digital mediums, from ecommerce websites to in store kiosks and augmented reality experiences. High fidelity product models can be created either in house or as a 3D creative service from experts such as ATLATL’s art team, before being loaded into the software for use. Customers are able to view and select all of the product offerings, or as many as the brand chooses to show within a 3D configurator, allowing for a high degree of customization for both the business and the customer. 

Using a visualization software service means that brands do not have to build and maintain custom solutions for their site or other digital tools, instead focusing on the larger business and the results driven by a better online experience. 

ATLATL’s  web based product visualization software brings brands the best combination of hands on service with an easy to manage interface that allows for easy updates, expansions, and enhancements. New colors, materials, or additional features are easily added to existing solutions, no photoshoots or extra models needed. Need to leverage your product visualizer for an augmented reality experience? ATLATL’s team will have your experience running smoothly in no time.

Building your custom experience is sure to drive significant business results, let’s get you started on your next big thing. Check out our 3D demo library and connect with a visual expert to start building.

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