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How to Get Started with 3D Commerce: What Is 3D Configuration?

This is Part 2 of the How to Get Started with 3D Commerce series. To see part 1, click here

We know that visual is impactful; we know that visual aids in decisions and desire; we know that brands should be leveraging visual.

But how should brands be leveraging visual? How do brands stand out when every competitor has high quality photos and an Instagram full of user generated content? We’re going beyond the traditional photoshoot to bring buyers the best experience on the web, and brands the market share they are driving towards.  We’re turning to 3D commerce. 

What is visual commerce?

What Is 3D Commerce?

3D Commerce is the process of using imagery to enhance the online shopping experience and drive more sales through digital channels. The most effective tools within 3D commerce are product visualization, 3D configuration, and  augmented reality, which make up the visual buyer’s journey. Product configuration is core to each of these, using high fidelity 3D models to bring your products to life online. Buyers never need to wonder how an item will look in a specific color, what the back of a product looks like, or if it will fit in their desired space again. ATLATL Visual delivers in-depth perspectives of every angle, detail, and feature of your products, from fully immersive 3D viewing to complex configurations and added options, we have you and your buyers covered. 

Adding product visualization and configuration to your website puts the power in the buyer’s hands for how they will explore and evaluate your products. This focus on an enhanced user experience more closely aligns with the traditional in store experience, where shoppers are able to interact with products and view the details and features up close. Visual experiences make the unique qualities of a product not only viewable, but noteworthy, in the purchase decision. 

3D website product configurators

The buyers are not the only beneficiaries of brands utilizing web based 3D product visualizers; though they probably have the most fun with them.  Product visualization software allows brands to quickly and seamlessly add, update, and manage their product portfolio, showcasing the full breadth of options, features, and product combinations for buyers to explore. This expanded view not only allows buyers to see the exact offering that they are interested in, but often increases transaction value. For brands with seasonal or special edition offerings, this is particularly valuable as these choices can be showcased online without directing additional resources to photo or video assets.  

Adding 3D commerce to your buyer’s shopping tools makes for a memorable and satisfying ecommerce experience. As the shift to digital continues and buyers rely more on these options for some of their largest purchases, brands do not want to be left behind the competition in delivering an experience that matches the product in terms of quality. Stay ahead of the curve and on top of the consumer’s shopping list with the best that visual commerce has to offer. 

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