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How to Get Started with 3D Commerce: Why Visual Drives Impact

You have to see it to believe it.

While this common adage is generally used for experiences and phenomena outside every day life, the truth is that seeing something for yourself is powerful in almost any setting. For marketers, visual cues are essential for creating interest and demand for products and services.  90% of the information processed by the human brain is visual, and as more commerce shifts to the digital realm, consumers are relying more heavily on their sense of site, as opposed to the full sensory experience in store.

2021 is the year for visual, and we have the facts you need to know now. This is part 1 of the 5 things you need to know to get started with 3D commerce. 

Experts Agree, Visual=Impact

We are confident in the power of visual, but don’t just take our word for it; experts from across industries have demonstrated why 3D commerce is so effective. 

  • Research from Adobe shows that 90% of shoppers want to be able to view products in 3D and zoom in on select features when shopping online. 
  • Forbes found that 88% of shoppers feel that detailed product pages are crucial to making a purchase decision. 
  • 42% of shoppers are willing to pay more for a product they can experience in 3D or AR
  • 95% of shoppers in a recent survey preferred a 3D experience to a product video

As an increasing percentage of commerce is done online, consumers across verticals are coming to expect and demand a greater focus on a quality digital experience from brands. If the online experience falls short of the in store experience, long time customers will start to perceive the brand as lower quality than before. For consumers who have never shopped at a brand's physical location, or for brands who do not operate in store, the digital experience is the primary touchpoint and medium for conversions. If online product experience is not impressive, there is little to drive a buyer to purchase. Worse, if the product visual is not a truly accurate representation, the brand risks disappointed customers who will not return and may share their negative experience.

It is not only business insights that are driving the shift to a visually focused shopping experience; humans naturally process visual information more quickly and form emotional connections to products and experiences in which they are an active participant. Product visualization, 3D configuration, and augmented reality act as catalysts for driving interest in and desire for products in the digital shopping environment. 


3D Visuals for ecommerce

The online market is a crowded and noisy place, no matter which industry you are competing in. To stand out among the competition, brands must not only offer superior products, they must deliver on digital experience to create an engaging shopping session and convey the intrinsic value of a product and its features. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, imagine what an immersive 3D experience is worth.

Ready to start believing? Visit our 3D configuration demo library to see the impact of visual.Try It!

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