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Learning the Lingo: 3D Snapshot

3D technology features for Ecommerce ATLATL

3D Snapshot [noun]:  a virtual photo capture of a 3D visualization or configuration that can be downloaded, shared, or sent to a vendor for use in purchase decisions

3D configuration technology has many benefits for brands and buyers, but one of the most fun aspects of integrating 3D into an ecommerce experience is the ability to build the perfect product and then show it off. No one wants to wait to share what their new bike or boat looks like, and having a visual representation of what is to come makes the purchase all the sweeter. 

Stuck between two configurations? The ability to download and place them head to head gives buyers another way to experience the product and choose the perfect fit for them. 

Brands can also find value in the tool by using Snapshot to capture content for websites, social media, and advertising purposes. We have talked before about the importance of high quality visuals on all brand channels; using Snapshot is an easy way to generate consistent, high quality imagery that aligns with your brand.

Give Snapshot a try with one of our demos. Design your perfect bike, motorcycle, boat, or guitar!

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