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Learning the Lingo: Social Commerce

What is Social Commerce?


Social Commerce [noun]: the ability for shoppers to make purchases from brands within a social media experience, without leaving the platform.


Scroll through any social network, Facebook, Twitter, especially Instagram, and it will take almost no time for you to come across an ad for a product. In many cases, once the item catches your eye, you have the option to tap a "shop now" button which takes you to a digital storefront where you can explore products and complete your purchase, without ever actually leaving the platform. 

This streamlined process, wherein brands benefit from one click access for shoppers and social platforms increase time spent in app and ad spend, has been dubbed "social commerce", and is a trend expected to dominate in 2021 as the time we spend on mobile devices continues to increase.

Why is this important to know? eCommerce is already a crowded space, and brands must compete where the shoppers are. This means that if your buyers are shopping through mobile, and more specifically through social, then your digital customer experience has to be tailored to provide an exceptional buying experience through those channels. 

Don't let a clunky or uninspired customer experience deter your shoppers. Find out more about enhancing your online experience and delivering your products in high fashion with ATLATL Visual. 

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