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Learning the Lingo: Visual Commerce

Visual Commerce [noun]:  the concept of enhancing customer experiences with high quality, engaging visual content that drives consumers to discover, explore, and covert with brands.

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Shopping has always been a visual experience, from the time of browsing the town market, to department store windows, to shopping via our many screens. So if we have always relied on visual cues to shop, why is visual commerce now a talking point across industries? The difference is that shoppers are no longer just looking, they are experiencing products in new ways that elevate the online shopping experience and raising their standards for a quality brand experience. 

So how do you create a visual commerce experience? We vote for using visualization software from ATLATL. By utilizing product visualization and visual configuration you can bring any and all of your products to life in on screen immersive experiences that not only attract shopper’s attention, but capture their imagination to create the exact version of what they are looking for. 

Visual commerce is here, and the landscape is adapting quickly. Check out our demo to see how we can get the perfect configuration of your product into each buyer’s hands.

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