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Learning the Lingo: What is 3D Mesh?

what is a 3D mesh?


3D Mesh [noun]: the structural base of a 3D model, comprised of vertices, edges, and faces that define the model’s shape.

The most common reaction to seeing an immersive 3D model for the first time is “that’s so cool!” And rightfully so, particularly in response to 3D for ecommerce where product visuals reign supreme as deciding factors in the purchase decision. 

The common second question? How do you create a 3D product experience?

The answer to this is not quite as simple as showing off the model, but a great place to start is understanding the foundation of the model, and what is powering the awesome visual on screen. The most basic level of a 3D model is the mesh.

What is 3D Mesh?

3D mesh, or polygon mesh, is the structural base of any 3D model. It is made up of polygons defined by vertices, edges, and faces that determine the model’s height, width, and depth. 3D mesh does not have textural or color properties as the full model eventually will 

The road to 3D can seem complicated, and indeed there are several steps to bringing your product to life in high fidelity 3D, but with an expert team behind you and a little imagination, your products will pop off the page and into shoppers’ carts.  

Check out our latest demos to see what you can build using 3D mesh.


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