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Learning the Lingo: What is 3D Rendering?

What is 3D rendering?


3D Rendering [noun]: the process of inserting a 3D model into an environment where it can be viewed and interacted with, such as on an ecommerce product page


For marketers who have been around for a while, the phrase 3D rendering can conjure up some not so pretty images. Clunky models with pixelation and interactive features that slowed the page down and made for a less than enjoyable experience.  

Luckily for us in 2021, those images should no longer be what comes to mind when 3D renderings are mentioned. Rendering is the process of inserting the 3D model into the environment where it is to be viewed and/or interacted with. While the model itself is 3D, the computer screen that we hold in our hands is technically a 2D viewing device, which means that every time we zoom, slide, or turn the model, it has to be rendered. This happens so quickly that our eyes can’t detect anything other than the model moving, but the process is happening on the backend. This process is the reason that older models were so clunky; computers could not render the image fast enough to go unnoticed. Today we have advanced far enough to not only create seamless interactive experiences, but we can do so with a high degree of  photorealism

Want to see just how far we’ve come? Head over to our demo library and see if you can detect the rendering process (you can’t).

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