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Learning the Lingo: What is A 3D Playground?

By Katherine Jacoby | April 30, 2021


What Is A 3D Playground



3D Product Previewer [noun]: commonly known as a playground, this test environment allows designers and developers to test and view code for building 3D configurators and experiences.


Designing 3D experiences is fun, so it is no wonder that the test environment for many 3D experiences is referred to as a “playground”. Largely inspired by the Babylon.js Playground, the playground is an important tool in the ATLATL Visual Platform, allowing users to view and test the results of their work, including 3D model prototyping, integrations testing, and training and tutorials. 

Want to see how much fun you can have with the ATLATL playground? Get in touch with one of our visual experts to get a behind the scenes look at building a 3D configurator. More interested in the front end? Check out our awesome demo library!



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