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Learning the Lingo: What Is Product Visualization?


Learning the Lingo_ Product Visualization  (LinkedIn)

Product visualization [noun]: the process of creating and utilizing high fidelity 3D renderings to accurately represent products online and deliver an enhanced consumer experience.

More than a buzzword, it is the next evolution in a the dynamic world of eCommerce and digital transformation. As an overarching concept, product visualization refers to the use of 3D product visuals to accurately represent products online and allow shoppers to experience products in a more immersive environment. 

Within the umbrella of product visualization there are several tools available to teams. Simple product visualizers provide shoppers the ability to view products in 3D, zoom in, and explore features, while 3D visual configurators provide a fully immersive experience that allow customers to add and customize features in addition to viewing the products in 3D. Between the two are varying degrees of customization options, feature views, and viewing settings that can be tailored to each products unique needs and offerings to the customer. 

The majority of online buyers are looking for shopping experiences that provide similar value to shopping in store, with the convenience of shopping from wherever they choose. Detailed, accurate, and engaging Ecommerce experiences deliver value in the form of higher conversions, happier customers, and fewer returns.

Find out more on the benefits of product visualization and how these tools can work for you!






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