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Meet the Team: Customer Success

By Katherine Jacoby | January 31, 2021

The artists are designing, the connections are being tested, and the delivery team is coordinating each step in bringing your products to Visual Launch. But that doesn’t mean that it is time to relax; there is work to be done with the Customer Success team.

As your Visual Champions, the CS team will be your coach in plBetter online experience with ATLATL Product Visualization Softwareatform training, product updates, and optimizing performance with ongoing insights. We function in dynamic markets, with new technology and consumer demands shifting consistently. The CS team will be your resource for ensuring that your Visual Journey remains the best in class and delivering a product experience that keeps buyers coming back for more. 

The CS team will be your guide to leveraging the power of visual and the data associated with your customer's buying journey. Proactive data analysis allows you to develop actionable marketing insights, utilize trends analysis, and stay ahead of the curve.

-Justin Scott, CEO

ATLATL’s Customer Success Team will become a part of your team for implementation and support in launching your Visual experience. The team is here to help you be successful in all aspects of your Visual journey from Implementation through to ongoing client maintenance with white-glove support.  


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