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Meet the Team: Delivery

New adventures can come with a lot of unknowns; that’s why it is nice to have a teammate who knows the ropes and can help you navigate through any and all challenges a new adventure throws your way. 


The ATLATL Delivery team are old pros when it comes to bringing your product to launch, with the knowledge and experience that make even the toughest aspects of a launch run like clockwork.   

Throughout your design and launch process, the Delivery team will act as your guide in establishing needs, goals, and stakeholders for each step in the process. From who you should bring to each meeting, to connecting with the partners and technology that will work with ATLATL to create your ultimate customer experience, this team will be your quarterback.


The delivery team takes a unique approach to every business. They spend substantial time up front understanding your KPIs, your products, and your unique business challenges to craft a path to visual that makes the most sense for you. They take an iterative approach to launching Visual by launching smaller increments of work with your most important products at the forefront and building from there. This approach allows your team as well as ours to work efficiently and to deliver high impact results early on. 

-Brittany Shore, Client Delivery Manager

Bringing your products to 3D visual launch may have a lot of moving parts, but if there was ever the team to make it happen, this is it. 

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