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Product Visualization Accelerated

A global population facing the unknown.

Economies experiencing a sudden stop. 

Workforces confined to working from home. 

Trade Shows cancelled. 

Sales teams sidelined. 

Consumers avoiding stores. 


What’s next?

This will pass - but - we will never be going back. 

The global commerce landscape has changed.  

A shifting economic environment will cause us to embrace new methods and innovations as we seek a “new normal”.

The lasting impacts from current world events (and the subsequent economic headwind) will highlight some difficult realities for companies looking to thrive in the new normal. We as professionals should focus on what we can do to help us emerge stronger from this difficult period. In short, when the situation changes we must adapt our daily lives as much as our businesses.


In the coming weeks and months we will experience unprecedented work from home policies and travel bans that will leave your revenue generators sidelined. Retail stores, dealer facilities, and other brick and mortar locations will see business slowed to a halt as most will be closed. 

This is the wake up call we didn’t see coming, but the signs have been there. 

“Digital is the reason just over half of the companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since the year 2000” said Pierre Nanterme, former CEO of Accenture.

Digital transformation has become a key measure of success in the survivability of most companies. Yet many have failed to adapt to new methods of meeting their consumers’ expectations. If you need evidence, you can look to the downfall of retail and the 9,200 B2C stores that closed last year or the 75,000 more that are projected to close by 2026 (a number that will now dramatically increase). This changing buyer behavior is reflective for B2B buying as well, as digital upstarts are quick to gain market share when they enter the market. 

Current events have accelerated the evolution of buyer’s behavior. Increasingly, consumers have preferred to engage with companies who gave them the option to shop and transact digitally instead of in store. Now, as we all sit and work from home, digital is the only option. And thus, companies who have not prepared for digital commerce are contemplating how to remain viable to their customers as we await the unknown impacts of current events. 


We’ve been marching towards meeting our customers where they were (online) for some time. But now it’s not a march, it’s a sprint. And the consequences of not finishing the race are critical to your business. 

Marketers are being asked to cut anything that doesn’t have a direct line to revenue. Companies must streamline expenses and drive efficiency to endure this downturn and the recession that’s sure to come. But the difficult position for those who are not prepared is that the best way for them to save is to actually spend. “We’ve got to find a way to invest heavily in our digital storefront” said one prospect we talked with recently. “We need the immediate impact of revenue, and we need it now,” this prospect continued. 

What this prospect and his business quickly came to realize is that they need to create real value through their website and their digital offering. They need to provide their buyers a way to experience their products online in the ways they used to in their stores and dealer locations. What they need is Visual Commerce.


ATLATL Visual is a platform built to bring product marketing the future it deserves with the conversion of demand it will desperately need. 3D product visualization and configuration is the digital age’s answer to replacing the in-store experiences of the past. Through on-screen visualization and augmented reality, prospective buyers are empowered to view, configure, and engage with digital representations of the products they wish to buy. Our web based 3D visualization software, implemented within your existing online experience, allows buyers to see exactly what they are preparing to purchase, and increase their confidence in what they will receive.

With product visualization and configuration in place, buyers can engage in visual commerce. Online purchasing is no longer limited to stock eCommerce goods prevalent in the CPG space. With a Visual platform like ours, buyers can view, customize, configure, and purchase even more complex products. The platform also serves as the perfect complement to a modern sales team, serving their customers online through powerful digital tools like ATLATL Visual. 


To help you move quickly amongst these turbulent times we’ve created the ATLATL Accelerator. The Accelerator is a fast-track program to help you start selling online in a reduced timeframe. We know how important it is to keep your business operational and we’re here to help. To get started please fill out this inquiry and we’ll connect you with one of our Visual Strategists. 

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ATLATL was founded to meet the needs of buyers and sellers in a digital world. The ATLATL Visual platform uses innovative technology to bring products to life on-screen, enabling a digital buying experience that is faster, more accurate, and provides a better overall experience. Our 3D product visualization and configuration capabilities integrate with other software providers to enable a connected data environment. Through ATLATL Visual, businesses are able to empower their customers through interactive and engaging digital product experiences. 


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