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Shopify Says 3D Is The Future, Insights from Ecom World 2021

By Katherine Jacoby | November 18, 2021


The ATLATL team kicked off the week joining over 40,000 attendees from around the world to discuss, learn, and evaluate the future of ecommerce from the perspective of all who make the industry function. 


The two day event covered topics ranging from getting started in ecommerce to mastering the latest technologies that are improving and elevating the customer experience. Some of the team’s favorite sessions included the psychology of pricing presented by Alex Chahin of him & hers, BONOBOS’ Tanya Malan on mobile optimization, and Shopify’s Daniel Beauchamp on not missing the boat on 3D & augmented reality (AR). Google’s Michael Burke also spoke on predictions for 2022 and the emerging trends in ecommerce that Google has seen. 


Two of the most prominent takeaways from the event can be summed as this: the needs and demands of consumers have changed in light of new technologies, and the brands that are unable or unwilling to shift with those changes are unlikely to succeed. 


In her presentation, Tanya Malan highlighted the common struggles that consumers face when shopping on a mobile device, as well as the price that brands pay when their experience is not optimized for their mobile users. While the majority of time spent on site is generated by mobile shoppers, the percent of sales is far lower. Some of those sales may be recouped via desktop shoppers who originally browsed on mobile, but the reality is that this mobile gap is likely to represent a large amount of abandoned carts and sales. 


mobile first ecommerce


Companies who have optimized their sites for mobile shoppers generate greater value in both raw sales numbers, as well as customer loyalty when consumers have a positive experience with the brand. The need for mobile optimization is further emphasized by Jakob’s Law, which states: 


Users spend most of their time on other sites. This means that users prefer your site to work the same way as all the other sites they already know. Design for patterns for which users are accustomed.


Brands who create a mobile optimized experience will set the bar among their competitors, forcing others to follow or be forgotten. 

mobile optimized ecommerce

In a similar theme, Shopify’s Daniel Beauchamp was emphatic in his arguments that companies and merchants cannot afford to fall behind on 3D and augmented reality. If a consumer has had the opportunity to shop with 3D and AR, they will eventually expect to see the same experiences across all of the brand’s they choose to do business with, as we saw in Jakob’s Law. Some of the world’s biggest brands have made significant investments in these technologies, providing consumers with highly visible and accessible immersive experiences designed to enhance their time spent with the brand. Shopify as a platform has committed to making the platform 3D friendly, and partnering with firms that allow merchants to provide high tough, interactive experiences that have proven to contribute to key performance indicators. Studies by Shopify have shown 94% higher conversions for products enabled with 3D and AR, with some seeing lifts as high as 135%. Other notable figures include 174% lift in revenue per visit and a 21% increase in time spent on page. 


One of the most compelling macro messages came from the Head of VR/AR for Shopify (Daniel Beauchamp) who insists that the future of business has already arrived in the form of 3D and AR technologies, and the brands that lean into these solutions first will not only reap the benefits in the short term, but will continue to earn outsized dividends moving forward as the technology continues to improve and evolve into new areas of application.


-Kelly Basinger, Senior Account Executive


Heading into 2022, ATLATL is excited to be helping clients find their unique value proposition powered by 3D and AR. Schedule a demo today to see how ATLATL can help you set the bar among your competitors.


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