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Simple, Not Static. Product Visualizers Don't Need to Be Complicated

3D technology is quickly becoming the darling of ecommerce as consumers shift more of their dollars to digital and seek out experiences that deliver the convenience of online with the value of in store shopping. But with the many options available, the choice of how to implement 3D in an ecommerce setting can be overwhelming, and knowing what tools are right and what the capabilities are for each is confusing. The good news is, starting with 3D can be simple and impactful at the same time. Dipping your toes in instead of jumping does not mean sacrificing the benefits of 3D commerce.


Product Visualization for eCommerce

Product visualization gives brands the power of 3D ecommerce experiences with quicker lead times and a lower initial investment than a 3D product configurator. While a visualization platform offers less overall functionality and interactive elements, it delivers an engaging experience for shoppers and the ability to view products in a way that traditional photography and videography cannot deliver. Even a simple product visualizer can be the difference maker in an ecommerce experience. 90% of shoppers surveyed by Adobe want to be able to view products in 3D, and 42% of respondents in a study by the Harris Poll indicated that they would pay more for a product that they could experience in 3D or augmented reality. With more and larger purchases moving to the digital space, these are trends and demands that etailers need to take note of.


simple product visualization

Some brands have already made the leap and are strong examples of ecommerce product visualization. Jewelry brand Brilliant Earth, which has focused the majority of their efforts on their online experience, offers 3D experiences for both the setting and the diamond or gem that shoppers choose from. Since buying jewelry, and particularly engagement rings, has traditionally been a very hands on experience, Brilliant Earth needed to find a way to facilitate a satisfying customer experience that also drove buyer confidence. Buyers can select the 360 video and rotate the stone and setting to get a greater appreciation for the details of the ring, and a closer look at what will likely be an important addition to any wardrobe. While a product visualizer cannot deliver the physical experience of trying the ring on, it does provide the buyer with the benefit of evaluating the piece in detail prior to purchase.


Using Product Visualization in Retail

Product visualization technology does not need to be limited to a brand’s digital properties. The same tools that can be used to enhance an online buyer’s experience can be deployed in a physical store to drive buyer attention to new products, showcase additional product options, and provide more product information. 


For brands looking to downsize but not eliminate their physical footprint, product visualization in store allows brands to showcase all of the colors and options available for purchase while keeping a smaller amount of inventory on site. Similarly, if a product comes in a variety of sizes, the retailer may choose to keep only the most popular sizes on hand, but can demonstrate the differences between the products using product visualization. Shoppers are still able to view the options, and the retailer can save floor and storage space.  

what is product visualization?

While product visualization may serve as an entry point to 3D for some brands, products with limited configurations or options may in fact gain the most the best long term benefit from sticking with product visualization as their 3D solution. If the shopper’s needs are fulfilled and they are able to confidently purchase the product, brands gain the benefit of 3D without expending unnecessary resources. 


Simple, not static. Step up your ecommerce solutions with the dynamic power of 3D visualization technology. 

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