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The Biggest eCommerce Pain Points from the Brand Perspective

Every business has pain points. No matter what industry you function in, whether you sell online, in store, or a combination of both, the reality is that there will always be bumps that need to be addressed, and pain points that cause headaches. The good news is, many of the biggest pain points in ecommerce can be fixed with better tools and a little planning. 


These are the 4 biggest pain points that brands can fix right now. 

Pain Point #1: My Website Loads Slowly

Studies have repeatedly shown that not only will a slowly loading site annoy shoppers, it will actually cost a business sales. 47% of consumers expect a site to load in under 2 seconds, and 40% will abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. The simple answer to this would be to lighten up the site, but as digital advertising, data tracking, and richer commerce experiences have become the norm, brands are faced with a decision to deliver a lesser experience or a slower site. But does it have to be that way?


Solution: Optimize your web pages to load rich media as needed or at lower resolutions when available. Pages can be further refined by adding only data collection or widgets that drive significant value for your brand. If it doesn’t help you make decisions or make the customer experience better, skip it. 

Pain Point #2: Quality Visual Assets Are Expensive

High resolution photography and videography can make a page pop, with products that gleam and impress buyers with eye catching angles. But paying for these assets is expensive, and if you have to repeatedly reshoot products as styles, colors, and features are added or edited, the time and dollar expenses can skyrocket. 


Solution: Replace or complement traditional photography and videography with 3D product visualizations. By building 3D models of products, brands are able to showcase high Best product visualization softwarequality, truly representative product imagery at a fraction of the time and dollar expense of photo and video shoots. Colors, materials, and textures can be swapped, replaced or edited as needed with 3D visual configurators, while additional features and add ons can be toggled on and off as needed to reflect availability or recommendations. Have a special edition print that is only available for a short time? A new material or texture can be applied to your existing product model and removed from the system once the special edition piece is no longer available.  


Pain Point #3: How Do I Keep My Website Updated Efficiently? 

Staying on top of consumer trends and demands is a requirement for brands, but keeping their site and assets up to date with product offerings can come with a heavy lift. Product pages and imagery must be kept up to date to reflect availability, options, and designs. An out of date site delivers a lesser customer experience and fewer conversions. 


Solution: Manage your product visuals with product visualization software to streamline the process of keeping your product pages accurate and up to date. ATLATL’s web based platform allows brands to manage high quality product models and imagery within the existing tech stack to ensure customers can always find what they are looking for.

Pain Point #4: How Can I Make the Purchase Process Smoother?

One of the most painful points of discussion for both brands and buyers is the process of evaluating and purchasing a product online. We highlighted some of these pain points from the consumers’ perspective, but while buyers are the ones directly affected by these issues, brands see the effects in their bottom line. When buyers are not sure of what they are actually buying, there is an increased need for external research, more product searches, and an overall less satisfying shopping experience.


best ecommerce product configurator

Solution: Improve the online buying experience by putting the power of exploration and evaluation in the shopper’s hands. Product visualization and 3D configuration allow buyers toview the details and specifications of the products they are shopping for in high resolution detail, taking note of every angle. This detailed and immersive shopping experience boosts customer confidence in the product’s value and quality, which means more sales and less returns for brands. With ATLATL Visual, brands are able to showcase the exact configuration of a product that a buyer selects, no more imagining what the product will look like when it’s in the selected material or color. Brands also have the option to extend the experience with augmented reality, bringing the buyer’s exact selection to life in front of them and in the location of their choosing.  


Experts agree, ecommerce is a quickly growing segment of the global retail ecosystem, and will soon account for nearly 20% of all retail sales. Brands are looking to adapt their business to this new age of commerce, and the fewer pain points that they have to tackle every day, the better off they will be.


Let’s talk about making your days a little smoother, and your customers much happier. Meet our team and see how they can elevate your e-commerce experience from back to front end!


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