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The most important tech coming out of CES… isn’t at CES

I love CES. The excitement of “new” and the introduction of the future of tech has always been marked in early January with the Consumer Electronics Show. I loved attending, seeing the trends, trying new devices, and watching the world come together to look forward. 

But this year is obviously different. This year business owners will be looking for more out of the year's biggest tech show than a better TV. And while we will certainly be introduced to the advances in chip technology, pixel counts, AI, and the like… what business owners need now is an introduction to the tools that will help them immediately survive this new normal we’re all trying to figure out. 

A business’s ability to leverage available technology to serve their customers is paramount not just to their success, but to their survival. But so many don’t know where to start and are afraid to make missteps that cost time and money that simply can’t be afforded. 


So… what’s my recommendation?

Simple: Focus on a better experience for your buyers. 

Start with how your customer used to shop and work to translate that into a better experience online. Even before the pandemic, consumers preferred the convenience and self-empowerment of online shopping. Ecommerce sales have grown at record numbers year over year, and this year’s unprecedented events will only accelerate this growth. As such, technology must be deployed to improve this digital purchase journey. But how? 


Today’s Journey: A potential buyer browses imagery (and possibly video) that show the product in the angles and views of the brands choosing. The problem is the buyer recognizes these images are being offered to sell the product in it’s best light. But what about other views? What about other options not shown? What does it look like from the back? Questions like these all begin to create doubt in the buyer's mind. 

Implementing a Visual Journey: Imagine an experience where the buyer is presented with a digital twin of the exact product they’re considering. In addition to imagery and video supplied, the buyer now has the ability to be in control of their view, control of their experience of the product, and essentially is now in a position of buying versus being sold to. This shift in empowerment is monumental. 

So… what is this technology?

Answer: This is an application of Visual Commerce, which is powered by 3D product visualization, visual configuration, and augmented reality. Here’s a quick description of each:

  • Product Visualization: viewing a product in 3D, onscreen, to see it from all angles
  • Visual Configuration: viewing a product in 3D, onscreen, and making selections of options, customizing, and configuring the product to your own needs
  • Augmented Reality: viewing a product in 3D, on a device, amongst real space to see you configured product in comparison to real objects, to scale, or with others. 

So what should you do? 

If you sell a physical product… if you sell online or want to… if you want to improve your buyers experience… get in touch with us. 


Here’s my email: chris@atlatlsoftware.com 


Let’s set up a time to see if we can help you improve your online experience with out Visual Platform. Until then, enjoy the rest of CES! 

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