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What Is A 3D Visual Configurator

Building a product that is tailored to you, whether it is a house, a car, or even a shirt, comes with a special feeling that buying off the shelf just can’t match. Perhaps it is the psychology of ownership, or the knowledge that you had a hand in designing what you will receive, but whatever the reason, clicking add to cart is all the more satisfying.

From a brand perspective, what is the best way to create that special feeling?  3D visual configuration offers brands an effective and cost efficient way to consistently deliver an exceptional online experience where shoppers gain a full view of the products and the ability to tailor them to their unique needs and preferences.

Not every product will be fully customizable, but even products with a limited selection of options can benefit from grating the buyer the power to determine how they view, interact with, and select the options for their purchase. 


What Is 3D Visual Configuration?

We previously defined product visualization as bringing products to life online with high quality 3D imagery that accurately displays products and features in an shopping immersive environment. 3D visual configuration takes this a step further by allowing shoppers to select specific colors, textures, features, and add ons and view them in the same immersive experience that they viewed the initial product. 

For example, a buyer searching for a new SUV will choose not only the color of their preferred vehicle, but the trim level, interior, and auxiliary features. If there are multiple options for wheels, a buyer will expect to be able to see each option against the color of their choosing. The ability to view all options but not see the product as a whole delivers an experience that is lacking. 


By using 3D visual configuration software, brands are able to not only showcase all product optionsfor buyers to explore, but allow shoppers to design the exact product that they are searching for, leading to increased conversions, happier customers, and fewer returns. 

The use of 3D configurators also grants brands more flexibility in maintaining and updating their product catalogs. This is particularly true for limited edition and seasonal products that may not be consistently available to shoppers, but that brands want to showcase. If shoppers are unable to view these items they are less likely to purchase. 

How Do I Build A Visual Configurator?

Visual configurators add significant value to both the shopper’s experience and the brand’s overall sales efforts, so what is the best way to add this functionality to a site or digital experience?

3D visual configuration software serves as an engine for powering immersive brands experiences. ATLATL Visual delivers these capabilities to your customers while seamlessly integrating with your current tech stack. Our API based integrations allow brands to be nimble and effective, with the ability to make changes to products, features, and offerings without starting from scratch. Brands are also able to collect and leverage valuable consumer insights, from what options shoppers explore, to what the most popular configurations of products are.

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