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What to Expect from a Product Visualization Demo


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The calls to action are numerous, but the results are similar, and often intimidating. Clicking the link opens the door, and sometimes you aren’t sure if you are ready for what is behind it.

But you do want to know more, and now that you have explored our site, you are ready to see what product visualization and visual configuration can do for your brand. So what should you expect during a product visualization demo?


You Don’t Have to Have Everything Figured Out

If you are still on the fence, or even if you are sure that you want to add product visualization to your tool kit,  that doesn’t mean that you have to know exactly what you want to implement, what scale you want to implement at, or even what specific products you want to visualize. Our product visualization demos are designed to show you what is possible and for us to gain insight into the best ways to bring your brand to life. Our expert team has the experience to help you decide what implementations will work best for your budget, timeline, and product portfolio, and where there are opportunities to expand in the future if needed.


What Can A Product Visualizer Do?

Product visualization demo ATLATL

Probably the most fun part of a demo, seeing the tools in action. Product visualization brings your products to life in a way that exceeds traditional photography and videography by creating an immersive experience for your customers. The 3D technology behind product visualization delivers high quality imagery that accurately reflects the features that make your product unique, from colors, to patterns, to stand out logos. What the customer sees on the screen is what they will receive. For products that offer more customization or additional configurable features,  3D visual configuration grants buyers the opportunity to explore those features and options in depth, and view how they will add to the product they are looking to purchase. With augmented reality, the product can be brought to life in the shopper’s space of choice. Additionally, where traditional photography and videography dictates how a buyer views and experiences a product online, product visualization grants power to the buyer to control their own viewing experience.


How Does A Product Visualizer Help Me?

It is one thing to have a cool feature on your site, but what does product visualization do for your business? What are the  benefits of adding product visualization software to your tech stachow to set up a Product visualization demo ATLATLk? High quality imagery is rated as one of the most important factors for purchase decisions amongst online buyers; consumers want to feel confident that what they see online is what they will receive.  While high resolution photography and videography will generally accurately portray a product, habits and demands of online buyers are shifting. Customers not only want to explore and experience products in 3D, but they are coming to expect it. Researchers at Adobe found that 91% of consumers surveyed want to be able to view products in 3D and zoom in on select areas of the product. Further, 42% of consumers say that they will pay more for a product that they can experience in 3D or augmented reality. 


Using product visualization in place of or in tandem with high res photography also offers brands a cost savings option. Photo and video shoots are time consuming and expensive; they are also limited to what is available at the time of the shoot. For products with a wider offering of colors or configurations, shooting each and every option can be a herculean task. It also does not account for new roll outs and limited editions, that will either need to be photoshopped in or reshot at a separate time. Product visualization software allows you to create, edit, and recreate your products in a variety of colors and configurations without the cost and time associated with a traditional shoot, and allows for new releases to be added to the configurator as needed. 


How Does Visual Work with My Other Tools?

ATLATL Visual works through API solutions, allowing our software to integrate with your existing tech stacks. From HTML5 to platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and Oracle, the expert team at ATLATL will work with you to ensure that all systems are a go prior to launching your experience. During the demo, we will walk through some of the tech specifications and integration options, but each launch will be tailored to the client’s set up and needs. 


What Is Working with ATLATL Like? 

Product visualization software is what caught your attention, but we hope that our team will leave you just as impressed. With years of experience, and passion for creating, and a drive for innovation that is unparalleled, the experts at ATLATL are here to guide and inspire you throughout the build and launch process, as well as to be an ongoing resource as your journey with product visualization and configuration continues. Throughout the process, we aim to make working with us as easy as it is to buy from you. Whether you have 3D product assets already or you are just beginning the process and need them created, we have you covered. Want to know where you stand prior to our meeting? Check out our Digital Readiness Assessment  for more information on the steps we will take prior to your build and launch. 


Tips for A Successful Demo Experience

We are excited to meet you, and we hope you are excited to learn how product visualization and 3D visual configuration work for you and your team. We will take care of most of the needs for a great demo, but there are a few tips we would like to offer to have a great product visualization demo.



There is a lot these tools can do; if there is an experience that you have always wanted to create on your brand site, bring it to the table! We will do our best to make it come to life.


  • Bring your questions

No question is too small, too hard, too easy, or irrelevant. The ATLATL team lives and breathes product visualization tools every day, and we love talking about them. Think there might be a limitation for your project? ASK. Want to know if this will fit with your roadmap long term? Ask away. The more you can share with us what your goals are, the better we can help make them reality. 


  • Don’t be afraid to start small

Dream big, bring your questions, but don’t feel like you have to do everything right away. Visual commerce is a journey that can evolve with your brand. If a 3D visual configurator is the end goal, but your team, products, or brand aren’t quite ready, product visualization is a great place to start for delivering an elevated customer experience. The team at ATLATL is here to create exceptional experience across the visual spectrum, and will be there when and if you need to expand those capabilities.


  • Have Fun

We definitely plan on it. 

Ready? Set. Go!

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