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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ATLATL Visual?

A visual configuration software that allows sales representatives and their customers to select and configure products using 3D models of products through simple touch, tap, and drag methods. This is presentable in photo realistic renderings or in representations more suited to illustrate form, fit, and function. Visual is the perfect addition to help elevate Commerce and CPQ platforms.

How does ATLATL differentiate from other product configurator vendors in the market?

Simply put, ATLATL is the only company that can handle the complexities of your unique business needs.  As the only sales platform built for manufacturers, by manufacturers, we’ve created tools specifically for the complex sales processes of manufacturing companies and their distribution sales channels. We’re the first to streamline and automate the sales process so that you can instantly translate rules-driven, 3D and AR configurations into quotes. Furthermore, our platform is the only one on the market that can optimize site layout with product and environmental dependency behaviors.

How much does ATLATL Visual cost?

Price varies based on the ATLATL solution, the complexity of your product(s), how many product models will be configured, the number of configurable product options, and the number of licensed users.

How long is your implementation process and what does it look like?

The implementation process varies based on customer readiness, the product you select (QuoteBooks CPQ or ATLATL Visual or both), and the complexity of your product(s). You’ll spend time with our implementation experts who can consult best practices for Visual Configuration and/or CPQ and help implement your product into our platform. After we deploy our solution for your sales team and channel partners, you’ll be introduced to your Customer Success Manager and support team. All of our customers are welcome to spend time with us in Charleston, SC and we’re always happen to come see you!

Do you integrate with my current stack? CRM? CAD? CPQ?

Yes, we commonly integrate with CPQs, Commerce platforms, ERPs, CRMs, and 3D CAD software applications via our managed integrations and open API.

Is ATLATL GDPR compliant? 


Who in my business will be involved in a project with ATLATL?

Key stakeholders from Marketing/Sales, IT, and Engineering/Product.

Do you integrate with CAD?

Yes, we have patented CAD connecter to pass visual configurations to a 3D CAD software.

Can you create orders in my ERP?

Yes, through managed integrations with your ERP we can create workflows at the appropriate stage to pass along necessary information for production.

Do you replace CAD?

No, we do not replace CAD, but we do provide a CAD-like visual experience for sales reps, which can be shared back to 3D CAD software to eliminate reinventing the wheel for every quote.

Can you produce drawings?

Yes, our visual configurator can produce live, dynamic sales approval drawings on the fly with dimension lines, plan and profile view.

Everything I do is custom, could your solutions work for me?

We need to understand more about your product to determine what you consider custom. Our patented rules engine is very robust, however, we cannot capture custom part fabrications or one-off products. For most custom OEMs we focus on automating 80% of the configuration process with the ability to add custom line items with automated engineering approvals.

I don't have documentation of my product rules. How will ATLATL help?

We have experience helping to create rules and logic, but this increases implementation timeline and scope. If this is a concern, talk to one of our Visual Strategists about how specifically we can help you in this journey and the value you’ll gain through this process.

What kind of device do I need to access ATLATL Visual and configure products?

ATLATL Visual can be accessed through your mobile device and most Web Browsers. For more information about our supported devices feel free to reach out to our visual configuration experts at info@atlatlsoftware.com

What if I already have a CPQ?

No problem! If you’re looking to elevate your CPQ’s performance and improve your customer experience by adding Visual we can help. Our team will work with you to integrate with your current CPQ platform. Talk with one of our Visual Strategists to learn more